With  over 20  hospitals, hundreds of research labs, dozens of Biotech and pharmaceutical companies and more than  hundred startup companies, Israel is a leading nation in terms of  innovation and implamantation of new products to  the fields of Bimed, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.


The local Medical  community is known worldwide for its Innovative approach in Research, Clinical trials, and Implementation of new Technologies, and  is always  looking for  products to improve medical care 


 From our vast experience, we know how critical it is for new companies, to find the  distributing partner that will be fully dedicated to their product as if it is the only shining star in their protfolio.


choosing the right company as a distributor is our expertie.

Our experience in the Pharmaceutical, Biomed, Biotech and Diagnostic market enable us to allocate the best  distributor and meet all the necessary criteria for a successful penetration of your products to the market.

With agents all over the world, we provide the same services to Israeli companies wishing to expand their sales to EU, USA and Asia.