A new Technology to improve patients preparation and screening pre Colonoscopy

 Medkoi is collaborating with Torus medical, an Israeli Innovative Medical Device company that developed a special sleeve to wash and screen patients pre  colonoscopy without early preparation.A 360 degree camera inserted to the sleeve is screening for polyps during washing of the colon. This innovative approach can decrease the unnessesary colonoscopies procedures for 60% of patiens, decrease cost to payors and increase number of patients screened every year. The product was  tested on over 400 of patients, and results were publishedin the Medical literature.

It is registered in EU, Israel, China, and Japan 


Medkoi signed a Distributing Agreement with Rehab- Robotics

Hand of Hope,  is the first EMG driven Robotic Hand indicated  for  stroke patients suffering from hand disability. Hand of Hope was developed in Hong Kong politechnic institute and won several international prizes for innovation.

Hand of Hope is approved for treatement in Israel,  EU, Japan,and many countries in  Asia.

Medkoi collaborate with Lavi Partners, a well known Medical Device company in Israel that introduce the product through home service therapy to patients across the country. Adressing patients at home by  Occupetional Therapists was proven worldwide to increse complience and rehab results 




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