Inbal Sarfaty - Asian Markets Consultant



Coming from the field of Asian studies and after living and working in Korea and Taiwan for over 8 years Miss Inbal Sarfaty( BA, MBA) has acquired  extensive experience in both cultural bridging and business practices with both small- medium size companies as well as big conglomerates around Asia.


Her working experience includes representing both Korean and international companies in fields such as security, venture capital, IT, cosmetics and more.  

Miss Sarfaty also has a vast network of connections within those fields of practice.



Sarit Gabso - CEO



Mrs. Sarit Gabso (M.Sc. MBA) is a professional Businesswoman with more than 20 years of experience in the Biomed and pharmaceutical market.

 Mrs. Gabso has a proven record of success in Business development, Negotiations, Market access, Marketing and Sales. She worked with leading Phamaceutical and Medical Device copanies to achieve state of the art commercial acievements 

Sarit has deep understanding and connections in the Israeli market and vast experience in B2B sales, Negotiations and creation of long-term successful Business relations